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Agile Trainings and Workshops made by NowConcept ®

Agile Trainings and Workshops made by NowConcept®

A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other
— Charles Dickens
Who you are is speaking so loudly that I can’t hear what you’re saying.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Well have introductions for Agile teams, team retrospectives on a regulary basis as well as classical team development workshops and exciting creativity and outdoor-trainings for teams

Enhance team movitation by communication + creativity

Enhance team movitation by communication + creativity

When communicating you never really know what happens. What affects your communication and what changes in the quality of the relationship are resulting from this.

We take pride at NowConcept® for designing high-quality dynamically delivered training events involving communication, creativity and team skill development. You can be confident that every seminar and workshop is created and presented with the special needs of your organization in mind.

Example 1

Introduction for Agile Teams (1 or 2 days)

Possibe focus areas:

  • Agile values and principles

  • How and where does Scrum work?

  • Working with Kanban-Boards

  • Daily Standups in practise

  • Conduct retrospectives

  • Design Thinking + Innovation

Example 2

Team training with focus issues (1 day)

Possible focus areas:

  • Rhetorics, body language, quick-wittedness, presentations

  • Collaboration within the team

  • Strategic issues

  • Social Media / Change

  • Development of a common vision / Guidelines

Example 3

Team development (1 day)

Bring teams together, let them reflect on their needs, getting a new and stable alignment, being successful on a new level

Possible focus areas:

  • Visualize the commons and differences among the team members

  • Corporate culture and personal live motives of the team members

  • Time walks, knowledge workshops, visualize team opinions

Example 4

Using creativity techniques for teams (1 day)

How can problems be resolved creatively? What techniques are out there? In this seminar participants get to know the psychological essentials of problem solving and creativity research and make the transfer to the daily work.

Content elemetns

  • Psychological essence of problem solving and creativity research

  • Difference of divergent and convergent thinking

  • Strategies and methods for decision making

  • Analysis of the personal thing and decision preferences

  • Methodology toolbox creativity and problem solving techniques

  • Making creative intelligence an integral component of corporate culture

Example 5

Outdoor training promoting team cohesion (2 days incl. overnight stay)

Possible content elements:

  • A variety of outdoor training elements on the green

  • Consistent linkage of action and reflection of behavior patterns

  • "Cafe Future" related to current issues of the company

  • Orientations tours (by feet, canoe, bikes, etc.)

  • Low ropes resp. team oriented (!) high rope exercises

Our five fields of action

Our five fields of action

Your Advantage

We promise

  • A hundered percent practically usable concepts

  • Skilled and emotionally intelligent trainer

  • Tested models and concepts that can be easily implemented

  • Adequate groups and intensive case analyses

  • More fun and success using modern seminar methods

Five Reasons for NowConcept®

1. Get the best out of your time

We offer state-of-the-art management trainings and 
an improvement of your language skills in one seminar format!

2. Learn from other participants

We have very interested and inspiring participants and you will be able to have a lot of social learning added to the day! 

3. Having fun using real life cases

Unlike many other seminars it will be fun learning and getting to know valuable concepts and working on real life cases! 

4. Enjoy our right to the point concepts

All material and concepts are based on models that reliably allow to come to the point and to produce results systematically! 

5. Take pleasure in visualized material

Professional visualisations help our participants to grasp the fundamental concepts and thus optimize implementation

Top-results = firstclass concepts x perfect implementation

Top-results = firstclass concepts x perfect implementation

Interested? Then please contact us. We are very confident that we will  find a conceptual framework that fits to your business needs: